How does it work?

1. Your CDs are collected
Once you've placed your order by phone we'll send you our special Cargobox, which you can use to send your CDs to us safely (and insured). Simply insert your CDs and send the box back to us. Alternatively, you can take your CDs to your local audio/video dealer.
You can send your CDs in their current packaging: in CD jewel cases, CD binders, on spindles, whichever suits you. Furthermore, you do not need to sort your CDs; we will do that for you!

And, of course, if you just let us know when, you can bring your CDs to us personally.

2. And soon after...
Our employees will take your CDs out of their respective jewel cases and the conversion process will begin. Afterwards, we will 'polish up' the metadata, providing you with a well-organised music library. Following quality control, all data is placed on a hard disk.

3. ...You'll receive everything back!
Unless you have a really substantial collection, you can count on your CDs being converted within ten working days. Music files will be delivered on an external hard disk as standard.

Place your order via +31 (0)6 229 399 80